Saturday, July 15, 2017

black eyed Susan's

when I saw those
Black-eyed Susans
by the highway
blowing in the wind
and i didn’t care if you ever saw them
and if they ever brought you the same joy 
they bring me

i knew i was fucking free

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

the grand river in elora

The cedar trees hang over the grand river
clinging to limestone cliffs
water flows below the land i sit on
carved out over years

spiders build webs over the ever-flowing river
while giant carp nose the fallen tree, nibbling it's cedar fronds
in the dark

across the river,
two white swans come along from the bridge to downtown
they stop in front of a house backing the water
as if conferring
finally one climbs up the bank and walks over to a wide dish
and eats for a long time
while her partner paddles the water, looks around
finally he concedes and climbs that bank
eat from the bowl with his mate

when she fills, she comes down to the bank and jumps into the water
he follows soon after
and they paddle back towards the bridge

i lay back and look up at the cedars
while birds have a shouting contest in the trees
and the light fades

Friday, June 2, 2017


I want to shrink to exist
Solely in the broad, brown west entrance stairwell of Connaught School
Where the primary kids climbed to their classrooms
And we took piano lessons in the rooms to the side
Between the playground where I got stuck on a skipping rope I was using to climb a slide
And no one helped me and I lay there for ages as the yard cleared
Until I finally realized I could just climb myself up
And the classroom where I want to paste all the things
And was afraid of everyone except my teacher
And then of her, when he told me to dial down the pasting
Ashamed explorer, scared achiever, trembling endless will to master
I want to live in the stairwell alone
Before, after and within my humiliations
And the feeling of being alone in a crowd
Here, I am just alone
And I can remember all the books read to me
And the books I’m going to read


Could learn about medicinal plants via the TransitionTown group
at Bechtel Park on Saturday morning
Or could lie in the sun there and listen to the water bubble
Smell the damp earth and cedar
And empty my thoughts

Strange Street

A square sloping lawn with ancient trees
Down on Strange Street
With a mysterious art deco power station in the distance
And then the stream, hidden
All this, just before Victoria Street
Where the road opens out to bright sun again
This was once the further reaches of my journey south
My secret park
When Kitchener was only mine

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

wool and water

he was lovely
the hair on his arms like scented river rushes
i could gather to my breast

when i dipped my oar into the waters
he held me fast
we breathed in the late summer night
breath for breath

when he released the oar
i was thrown into the river

oh but the rushes are sweet!
i reach for them
and they are always just beyond my fingertips
while his face
fades into the middle distance

back in the boat
the dream rushes i collected
are already melting away
under spring skies
his cheshire smile
is all that remains

fading so slowly


the field where they cut down the trees last summer
where i cried next to you
when we were first discovering each other

this spring is a sea of forget-me-nots

no matter the ruin
beauty returns

the beauty that we shared will
never be forgotten

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


They are paving the north field
Where we lay in each other arms last fall among the wildflowers
I told you then, this beauty won’t be here forever
So let's enjoy it
Now the flowers are gone
And so are you
All beautiful things are fleeting
Though they seem eternal under the autumn sun

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Greenway

down the greenway
narrow strip of emerald
between concrete and dirty snow
mysteriously free of garbage
now that i think of it
except at the very end
where two metal fences meet
bits of concrete strewn like a giant
flinging stones
bottles and pages and trinkets
all blown into the corner
under the scotch pines
i'm sitting on a broken cinder block
watching a black cat
watching me
from the other side of the barbed wire fence
among the faded shipping containers
beside the growing tower
under the swing of the cranes
sweeping the grey sky

it might be raining
a little
when it's windy a white tarp
blows through an open window in the tower
like a curtain in a lady's dressing room
and soothes the neuronal firing
that is the mind i carry

the mind that
moves quickly like the cat
running as I move towards it
moves steadily
in the wind like the tarp curtain
spits like the rain
little piercing touches
is dirty like the edge of the fences where
mud meets garbage

i sit
for motion to cease
and stillness
to return

perhaps not today
back down the greenway
i carry god with me